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How Much Does Bone Grafting Cost in Orange Park, FL?

November 22, 2023
How Much Does Bone

When bone loss occurs in the jaw it can cause a variety of problems from lack of support for your teeth to changes in facial structure. But bone loss can be reversed with bone grafting, a procedure that strengthens and regenerates lost bone tissue. It is often used in preparation for the placement of dental implants. 

If you’re considering bone grafting, you may be wondering how much it costs in your area. Here’s what you can expect to pay for bone grafting in Orange Park, Florida. 

What is Bone Grafting? 

A bone grafting procedure involves placing a bone fragment under the gums on top of the existing bone that has weakened or partially dissolved. The bone fragment gradually bonds with the existing bone and encourages regeneration (regrowth) of the bone tissue in that area. Over the course of a few months to a year, the jaw bone will become thicker and stronger. 

If the purpose of bone grafting is to prepare for dental implants, the jaw may be ready for implant placement after a few months. 

Average Cost of Bone Grafting 

The cost of a bone graft depends on the type of procedure being done, the size of the graft, and the type of graft being utilized. For a single socket graft, on average you can expect to pay $725 to $875. Larger grafts, custom milled bone blocks, and autografts can range exponentially. We recommend contacting us to set up a consultation with our oral surgeon, and one of our treatment coordinators will provide a cost breakdown to review with you.

Factors That Affect the Cost of Bone Grafting 

The following factors may impact the cost of your bone grafting procedure: 

  • Size of the bone graft. The larger the area of your jaw that requires bone grafting, the higher the cost will be. Preparation for a single tooth dental implant will cost less than bone grafting for a complete set of dentures. 
  • Type of bone fragment used. The bone fragment that is used for your graft may come from a variety of sources, such as a cadaver, an animal, synthetic or lab made, or it may be harvested from another bone in your own body. A bone graft from your own body will cost more because of the additional procedure to harvest the bone.  
  • Geographic location of your oral surgeon. The geographic location and cost of living in the area where your oral surgeon’s practice is located could have a bearing on the cost of the procedure. 
  • Your insurance plan. If your insurance covers bone grafting you will pay less out of pocket after insurance. 

Why Choose Oral Facial Surgery of Orange Park?

Oral Facial Surgery of Orange Park is a leading oral surgery practice serving Orange Park, Florida and the surrounding area. Using state of the art technology and advanced techniques, we provide bone grafting that results in successful outcomes for patients, improving their dental and oral health.

To learn more, call 904-269-5195 or contact us today to schedule an appointment. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Bone Grafting 

What kind of anesthesia is required for bone grafting? 

A simple bone grafting procedure may be done with just local anesthesia to numb the area. Depending on the complexity of the case and the patient’s anxiety level additional sedation may be helpful or required. If the bone is being harvested from the patient’s own body, general anesthesia may be administered in a hospital setting. 

How long does it take to recover from bone grafting surgery?

On average it takes about 2 weeks for the overlying tissues to heal from a bone grafting procedure. The bone graft itself will take on average 3-6 months to integrate depending on the patient’s health and type of bone used. You may still need to eat soft foods for longer while your gum tissue heals and the bone gets stronger. You will see your oral surgeon for periodic follow up visits to monitor your progress. 

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