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Platelet Rich Growth Factor

Platelet Rich Growth Factor

Oral Facial Surgery of Orange Park provides Platelet Rich Growth Factor therapy in Orange Park, Florida. Call 904-269-5195 or contact us today to learn more and schedule an appointment.

What is PRGF treatment?

If you are about to undergo dental surgery, you may be interested in PRGF treatment. The use of plasma rich growth factors can accelerate healing and recovery time. PRGF has shown tremendous promise for our patients in the arena of bone and tissue regeneration and aided tremendously in the reduction of postoperative issues.

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What is PRGF?

When the body experiences an injury, our healing process is triggered to release proteins to stimulate healing and regeneration. Treatment with Plasma Rich Growth Factors uses the patient’s own blood plasma to stimulate this response. It has a long history of use in the medical field, but only in recent years has it become a major player in the field of dentistry. PRGF can be used in several different scenarios for dentistry such as:

Following extractions. We can utilize your plasma to create a natural and nutrient dense organic “clot” for any extraction site. This will aid in postoperative discomfort, reduce risk of dry socket, reduce risk of infection, and assist in reduction of postoperative bleeding.

Following bone grafting or implant placement. We can use PRGF in bone grafting or for implants or other issues such as cleft palate, ridge augmentations, and sinus lifts. We can also pull cells from your sample to mix into your bone graft particulate to help with integration and expedited healing.

Following bone repair. This can include after tooth extraction, in reconstruction after facial injury or trauma, or following the removal of cysts.

What is involved with PRGF treatment?

Prior to the procedure, your surgeon will determine whether you are a candidate for PRGF treatment. Patients who have a history of blood clotting disorders cannot have PRGF.

PRGF requires the removal of a small sample of blood that is collected during your surgical appointment. The blood is then placed into a centrifuge which will isolate the patient’s plasma. The plasma is then placed into another centrifuge, where it is enriched with the patient’s own growth factor hormones.

At the end of the surgery, the surgeon will place the PRGF on the site of the wound to speed recovery. PRGF technology in dentistry helps to repair gum tissue around the bone by using the body’s own resources. The result is faster and more effective tissue regrowth and wound healing.

During any type of recovery or healing, the patient becomes at risk for infection or complication. PRGF speeds up healing to reduce this risk and minimize pain.

Benefits of PRGF Treatment

In addition to being a straightforward, safe, and pain-free technique, there are many benefits to using PRGF. They include:

Accelerates healing. Platelet rich growth factor takes advantage of the healing capacities of the blood by applying a concentrated amount of platelets directly to the surgical site. This accelerates the healing process and reduces recovery time.

Reduces inflammation. Part of what accelerates the healing process is reduced inflammation that comes from the platelet rich growth factor.

Promotes tissue regeneration. Both soft and hard tissues regenerate more quickly when platelet rich growth factor therapy is used.

Safe and biologically compatible. Since this therapy uses the patient’s own blood, it is safe and biologically compatible.

Bone regeneration post extraction or around implants. This helps with restoring the shape of the face after bone and tooth loss.

Speeds up the healing of dental implants, known as osseointegration. This allows the patient to receive their final, fully functioning restoration much sooner.

Why Choose Oral Facial Surgery of Orange Park?

We are always working to improve the patient experience in every way, which means we keep up to date with current technology and best practices in the field of oral surgery. Platelet rich growth factor is just one way we make procedures easier on our patients. We understand that your time is valuable, and platelet rich growth factor therapy allows you to get back to your regular daily activities much sooner following surgery.

PRGF Step 1

Blood collected from patient is placed in a centrifuge to separate growth factors that influence healing.  These growth factors will then create PRF clots.
PRGF Stage 1 Photo

PRGF Stage 2

The PRGF clots are then placed in a box grid for 2 minutes, after which the PRGF membranes are ready to use. 
PRGF Stage 2 Photo

PRGF Stage 3

The i-PRF is then added to a grafting material that transforms into an easy to handle gel which is then used for bone grafting.
PRGF Stage 3 Photo

Frequently Asked Questions About Platelet Rich Growth Factor

What is the difference between platelet rich growth factor and platelet rich plasma?
These two terms are very similar and essentially describe the same therapy. Platelet rich plasma is the product of the concentrated blood sample containing platelet rich growth factors, which are the healing blood cells that promote regeneration.
Am I a good candidate for platelet rich growth factor therapy?
Most people are eligible for platelet rich growth factor therapy because it is a relatively simple procedure using a sample of your own blood. There are certain health conditions that could increase the risks associated with it, so it is necessary to have an evaluation and provide a complete medical history prior to treatment.
Is platelet rich growth factor covered by insurance?
This therapy is still considered to be experimental, meaning it has not been used long enough and studied thoroughly enough to be proven effective. This means that insurance does not typically cover it.
How much faster will I recover with platelet rich growth factor?
Although it is still experimental, research shows that platelet rich growth factor therapy can reduce recovery time by as much as 30%.
How is platelet rich growth factor applied?
Your oral surgeon will apply platelet rich growth factor at the surgical site during your procedure. You will already be numbed with local anesthetic or sedated for your procedure so you will not feel it or be aware of it.

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