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Oral Surgery for Orthodontics

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Oral Facial Surgery of Orange Park provides oral surgery for orthodontics in Orange Park, Florida. Call 904-269-5195 or contact us today to learn more and schedule an appointment.

What Is Oral Surgery for Orthodontics?

The goal of orthodontic treatment is to properly align the teeth and bite. But for some patients, orthodontic treatment alone is not enough. There are a variety of oral surgery procedures that can be used along with orthodontic treatment to provide more effective results. Your dentist or orthodontist may refer you to an oral surgeon for procedures that may assist your treatment.

Benefits of Oral Surgery for Orthodontics

When oral surgery accompanies orthodontic treatment there can be a variety of benefits:

More effective treatment. Orthodontic treatment can be more effective in some cases when oral surgery is performed before or during treatment.

Alleviate crowding. Teeth that are crowded together are harder to keep clean. Removing one or more teeth to encourage proper tooth alignment allows you to maintain your dental health more easily with less decay and damage to the teeth.

Prevents damaged teeth. When teeth are crowded or impacted it can cause damage to the teeth both above and below the gumline. Extractions can prevent problem teeth from damaging your other teeth.

Improved health and wellness. Properly aligned teeth and good dental health allow you to get the nutrients you need to live a healthier lifestyle.

Procedures Offered

We provide the following oral surgery services for orthodontic purposes:

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In some cases it is beneficial to extract primary and sometimes permanent teeth to alleviate crowding and make more room for the other teeth in the mouth.

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Impacted Teeth

An impacted tooth is blocked from erupting and may need to be exposed to facilitate the completion of the orthodontic treatment. Impacted cuspid (or canine) teeth are the second most commonly impacted teeth (after third molars or wisdom teeth).
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Temporary Anchorage Devices

Titanium posts that are similar to dental implants can be placed in the jaw and used to help shift the teeth into proper alignment.

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Expose, Bond, and Bracket

An expose and bond procedure involves “exposing” the impacted tooth by lifting up the gum to expose the tooth structure, and then “bonding” a small “button” to the exposed tooth and connected via a chain to the existing wire in order to begin the process of pulling the tooth down into the correct position.

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Corrective Jaw Surgery

Conducted in stages as growth progresses, orthognathic surgery addresses misalignments or other abnormalities in the upper jaw and lower jaws. During orthognathic surgery, we may use a variety of surgical procedures such as bone grafts or distraction osteogenesis (stretching of the bone).
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Why Choose Oral Facial Surgery of Orange Park?

We work with a variety of dentists and orthodontists to provide oral surgery for orthodontic purposes. If you’re in need of a surgical procedure to help increase the effectiveness of your orthodontic treatment, we are glad to provide the service you need. Through effective communication we make it a seamless transition between your orthodontic treatment and your oral surgery. Your comfort is always our top priority, and we offer a variety of anesthesia and sedation options for a stress-free experience.

Frequently Asked Questions About Oral Surgery for Orthodontics

Is it ok to have permanent teeth extracted?
Believe it or not, every tooth is not absolutely necessary for effective chewing. If you have a small mouth and there is not enough room for all of your teeth, one or more permanent teeth can be extracted to make more room.
Why do primary teeth need to be extracted? Won’t they fall out on their own?
Primary teeth are supposed to fall out naturally, but it doesn’t always happen at the right time. Extracting primary teeth before they are naturally shed can provide a variety of orthodontic benefits such as making more room for the permanent teeth to come in.
Is oral surgery necessary for orthodontic treatment?
Not all people who have orthodontic treatment will need oral surgery, but some will. It depends on your individual situation including the position of your teeth and the size of your jaw. If your dentist or orthodontist recommends oral surgery, it is typically in your best interest to have it done.
Can I have oral surgery with braces on my teeth?
It is possible and often recommended that you have oral surgery while wearing braces. In many cases it is best to adjust the teeth with braces before and after having oral surgery. If any modifications need to be made prior to your procedure, coordination will be made with your dentist or orthodontist.
Are wisdom teeth extracted for orthodontic purposes?
Many patients will be done with orthodontic treatment by the time they need to have their wisdom teeth extracted. However, wisdom teeth are typically extracted for orthodontic purposes, to prevent them from pushing against the other teeth and causing them to shift out of alignment.

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